Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is intended to improve general awareness only.
If you have a health problem, you must first discuss it with your physician or pharmacist
in order to get an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment.

How does Effecol 3350 act?

Effecol has a laxative effect by promoting osmotic retention of water in the bowel. It thus hydrates and softens stool, facilitating their passage. Water is the natural ingredient which increases the volume of the stool, softening it. When you have constipation, the time required for stool to pass through the bowel decreases and a higher than normal quantity of water is absorbed in the bowel, making stool harder and more difficult to pass.

Most people observe the effect of its activity within 12-24 hours. Because Effecol acts locally in the large bowel, this time is needed for the preparation to be transferred to the large bowel through the digestive system.

The normal treatment duration is two weeks, but sometimes treatment may have to be prolonged. If symptoms persist after two weeks of treatment, you must seek the advice of your physician.

The usual dose for the treatment of constipation is 1 sachet, 1-3 times a day. Just mix the content of one sachet in 125 ml of water (which is equivalent to half a glass of water). The solution has a pleasant orange taste.

No side effects have been reported when the product is taken in the recommended dosage. Side effects that may appear are gastrointestinal disorders, abdominal pain, nausea and mild diarrhoea (especially in the beginning). Rarely, hypersensitivity reactions may occur (erythema, urticaria). If side effects are observed, you must contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

In case that you are taking medicinal products for a health problem you have or food supplements, you may also take Effecol 3350, BUT it is recommended that the product is taken at least 2 hours apart from the taking of other medication or food supplements.