Travel Check List

Practical luggage
To relieve stress caused by preparing your luggage chose mix n match clothes, to fit in a carry-on bag.

A good book
Or a good pair of head phones and disconnect from the internet, live like we used to in the old days.

A set of amenities
You don’t have to fly first class to deserve a set of amenities – you can always carry some with you. Create your own amenity kit with a lip balm, a hand cream, body oil (try lavender for its relaxing properties), chewing gums, dental floss, a tooth brush and a tooth paste.

A neck pillow
To relax and feel better when you arrive to your destination, use a neck pillow for additional support while you sleep.

Compression stockings
For long distance flights, when it’s hard to walk and stretch your legs, compression stockings help reduce swelling and maintain blood flow.

An eye mask
Whether you are in an airplane or in a hotel room, an eye mask may help you sleep by blocking the light.

Get a relief from occasional constipation.
Dehydration and diet changes when travelling frequently cause constipation. You must drink plenty of liquids and try an osmotic laxative including Effecol, which interacts with water in your body to provide hydration and softness, which is, of course, also helps your digestive system. In addition, it does not have any severe or annoying side effects, including cramps, gas.

Right shoes
When choosing shoes, depending on where you are headed, you will most probably need a good pair for a night out, a simple pair and a comfortable pair for when you go for a walk.

A hand sanitizer
When you travel, you are more exposed to bacteria. To reduce your exposure to bacteria when you travel, you must always carry a hand sanitizer in your handbag.